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What to expect


When should I book?

You can pencil in a session anytime once you have your due date. Getting organised in advance is a good thing especially if you have a c-section scheduled. Please don’t wait until baby is here or you may be disappointed when there is no availability. The session should take place 4-10 days after baby is born. Any later and babies lose that sleepy newborn look. They will start to stretch which makes those cute little snuggly poses a little more challenging.

But most babies tend not to stick to plan. They can arrive early or keep us waiting so make sure you keep me up to speed so we can adjust scheduling. Once baby is on the scene we can confirm a day.

How long will the session take and where will it take place?

This session generally takes up to 4 hours (allowing time for a cuppa, feeding, posing, calming, changing outfits etc). As a new Mum, very often you might prefer the convenience of the comfort of your own home for this shoot. However, I have a very comfortable and child friendly set up in my studio if you prefer.

How should I prepare?

Accidents will and usually do happen if baby is without a nappy. Bring a spare set of emergency clothes for yourself and a few outfits for baby just in case. If the session is to take place at your home, try to ensure that baby has a full tummy just before we start and that the room is very warm. Sleepy milk drunk baby= beautiful shots. Dress them in loose clothing/nappy to avoid elastic marks and avoid anything that needs to be pulled over their head.

If you plan on a shoot at home, I will have a look at the light in your rooms when I arrive and decide where is best to shoot. Little tip …white coloured bed linen looks really good!

Turn off the a/c. This ensures that baby is comfortable and remains sleepy. Things can get a little sticky especially in the warmer months so maybe consider changing into your clothes towards the end of the shoot when we will do the family shots.

I tend not to use a huge amount of props as I really want the focus to be on baby but if you do have special toys, blankets etc that you want to use make sure these are available.

The most important priority in a newborn session is the safety of your baby. I will never put your baby at risk, and I will frequently ask parents to assist me during photos. I prefer not to do composites and minimise use of props. I rarely use flash with newborns to avoid startling them and hurting their tiny eyes.



When and where will it take place and how long will the session be?

We can have a chat about what location would be best for the style of shoot you envisage.  This could be your home, the park, the beach, the dunes, the souq. Ideally the light just after sunrise and two hours before sunset is the most beautiful for family shoots. Try to plan session around children’s naps if possible.

What do I need to bring?

Remember the snacks. Please don’t plan to do a session on empty tummies. Make sure you are well rested and fed. People do not respond well to having photos taken when they are hungry.

For smaller children…bring along their comforter, favourite doll/teddy/book etc. These could make for really sweet shots.

If we are travelling to a location it might be worth throwing a spare set of clothes for kids into the car. Accidents do happen!

What should you wear?

What type of shoot do you have in mind? If you want a soft dreamy elegant look, go for more neutral colours and floaty fabrics…. creams, very soft pastels, oatmeals, light browns, tans, greys, and light blues. If you want to inject your vibrant personality into the shots, go for bolder colours… or maybe neutral tones with vibrant splashes of yellow. Try to co ordinate outfits but avoid matching or very bold patterns and stripes. Adding accessories such as funky hats, scarves or headbands can add real personality too.

If your little boy lives in his Superman outfit maybe this is the moment to capture this (he won’t be doing this when he’s 15…hopefully)

Give yourself ample time to get ready for a session. Have outfits ready in advance. Make sure Mum has time to put her lippy on in peace. If you turn up for a session rushed and disorganized, it sets the tone for a disorganised session.

Did someone say “cheese”? 

I know personally that if I tell my son to say cheese, he screws his face up into what he thinks is a smile but what actually looks like he is in pain.  Try not to get too stressed if the kids are initially going for a mean and moody look. They will pick up on your stress and your photos will likely show this. Let me coax natural smiles by interacting and talking to your kids.


I am here to help you all the way and before the shoot we can have a chat about exactly what type of shots you would like to capture and where.

When should I book?

Make sure you aim to book your shoot between 28-32 weeks. Any earlier and sometimes your gorgeous bump isn’t showing in all its full glory and any later and you might be starting to feel uncomfortable. This isn’t set in stone though. You will know yourself how you feel.

What should I wear?

Stay away from bold, loud colours and patterns. You want all the focus to be on you beautiful bump and avoid anything distracting. Neutrals are so much better. If you fancy a bit of colour, try to inject it into you look by way of a belt, hat or jewellery.

Maxi dresses are fantastic. They are super comfortable and give a very flattering silhouette. Skinny jeans, fitted tops and dresses are all good choices but resist the temptation of wearing a floaty top. You won’t see the beautiful shape of your bump and you may look like you are wearing a small tent!

(if you do plan on having a few bare belly shots taken, make sure you aren’t wearing a high elasticated waistband as this will leave marks on your bump)




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