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Blink and its gone


Landscape photography is a strange one in my book. Images of foldable three legged stools, tripods and flasks of strong tea come to mind whenever the subject is broached. If I’m asked what my favourite type of photography is, I peer down into the depths and just barely catch sight of LANDSCAPE at the bottom of the pile. I never thought it was my cup of tea. Who likes sitting in the wet and cold at obscene hours of the morning to catch 20 minutes of golden light or treks through mountain bogs to reach a vantage point?

Well apparently, I do as of last month. I’m hooked. Mystically drawn to creeping out of bed before the rest of the world and making my way through the darkness to watch the new dawn greet me with its warmth. I am soothed by the glorious displays of colour and light, from steely cold tones of blue to the warmest amber. Precious moments that the world happens to share with me alone as I sit patiently on the shore listened to the calming rush of newborn waves hitting the sand. I’m yearning for the overwhelming rush of adrenalin as I race the sun to catch the sunset. The calmness and peace of mind is incredible as the colours dart and flit between the ever changing clouds. No day is ever the same. My eyes are seeing in a different way. We are blessed to live surrounded by such beauty.


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