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A Breath of Fresh Air

After a Summer in my beautiful Ireland I found it harder than most years to pack our suitcases last week and make the long journey back to the Middle East.

It was pure bliss for two glorious months seeing my children get rosy cheeks and freckles as they drank in the fresh air and sunshine. Watching them run along the beach with little salt kissed noses and squealing with joy as they jumped waves was a pure tonic to the soul. I sat happily remembering my childhood holidays and still can’t quite fathom how the years have raced by and that I am now the memory maker for my children, so that one day they too will sit on a beach watching their children and reminisce about how carefree they were once upon a time. Hours upon hours, they explored rock pools to uncover invaluable treasures such as crab claws and little darting fish. They often fell asleep on the short journey home with their little fists curled around a perfect shell and their pockets filled with pebbles.



But all good things must end as they say and as I watched Dublin’s lights disappear into the distance my heart was just a little sad. This is only adieu for a couple of months.

Things I fondly remember from my childhood Summers….

  1. 99 ice cream cones (massive treat) and ice cream wafer sandwich where the shopkeeper would cut a wedge off a block of HB right there in front of you and you’d pray he was in a good mood so that he would give you a favourable slice.
  2. The fact that every picnic you ever had on the beach had to involve a couple of mouthfuls of sand
  3. Collecting shells
  4. Finding a dogfish once and I still remember the rough texture of its skin against my fingers
  5. Lemonade and crisps if we ever stopped by a pub
  6. Buying pink souvenir rock for my friends
  7. Breaking my teeth on pink souvenir rock my friends bought for me



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