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Getting back to my roots

So, life sometimes gets in the way. Before you realise it you have slowly but surely fallen into a reassuring rhythm. Life ticks over nicely. The days roll by. Things are grand if not a little stale.

But I have always wanted my life to be the more. The most extraordinary it can possibly be. When I start to feel comfortable I know that I need to inject a big dose of adrenalin. I have to push myself out of my comfort zone and on to the next mission. When you stop learning or discovering you may as well sell you camera or give up. This year we have lost so many talented artists and as their earthly presence slowly fades I become even more acutely aware of the time we are given to be the best we can.

So, I ventured out to the local market recently. Its an uncomfortable feeling when as a female you enter a male dominated market holding a camera. A hundred eyes track your movement and curiosity pierces your back. Language barriers cause confusion but it’s invigorating and eventually through hand gestures and smiles we all break out of our normal hum drum lives for a moment in the name of photography.

Everytime I walk away, I feel alive. Smiling. Buzzing.

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