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Seek and you shall find

I have to hold my hands up and admit that I don’t wake up each morning brimming with creativity, camera in hand. I don’t open my eyes to brilliant inspiration and there is no visual tap running with ideas.

My usual morning starts as follows…

  1. The cat lands on me and religiously choses that very moment  as an opportunity to spring clean its nether regions interspersed with whines for food.
  2. One of the kids can be heard making their way downstairs which gives me approx 2 mins to prise my eyes open and peel myself from the sheets before the downstairs resembles a war zone of fruit pouches and yoghurt.
  3. Finding school books, lunch boxes and uniforms proves to be a feat worthy of any of the hardest Crystal Maze challenges.
  4. I manage one gulp of coffee before loading my eldest into the car, white knuckled in anticipation of the school run battle. DO NOT cut me off or I will be late for Crossfit and I will personally hunt you down if I suffer a burpee penalty.
  5. If I’m lucky I have clothes and shoes on.

My point being that life can get in the way a lot. When you love photography and want to take better shots you sometimes have to make the time. I set aside an afternoon every now and again to go out and find places and people of interest. I chase the sunset. I become a hunter of magical light and interesting shadows for a few hours. I coax my kids to pose on piles of rubble. I organise Photowalks.

My babies comply with my whims. Or maybe its the promise of chocolate. But I’m at my happiest coming home with a SD card packed full of images. My little treasure hoard of photographic gold.

You alone are solely responsible for nurturing the talents you have been given. Go out and find inspiration.

Here are some ideas to kickstart your creative juices if you’re feeling a bit like you’re in the middle of a drought….



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