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The Box


We all need things in life that make us tick.

Our very own legal highs.

Photography is a long term fix that I personally need to feel coursing my veins but very recently I fell into the world of Crossfit. I am 42 years young this May and as much as I would like to think that I will happen upon some magical fountain of youth to sup from soon, I came to the solemn realisation a couple of months back that I really need to take more definite care of the one working body I’m lucky enough to possess. My previous experience of exercise counts walking up stairs two steps at time and a rare spluttering 4km stumble around the block, so to step inside a gym was more than daunting but the welcome I received at “The Box” has been beyond expectations. I am in awe of the grit and fight etched on faces everyday. Positivity breeds positivity, determination encourages determination, respect demands respect. Nobody judges your ability and the encouragement is phenomenal. Words like “rig” and “WOD” trip naturally out of my mouth now as if I was raised on a diet of squats and double unders. My morning fix of Crossfit is like that first cup of coffee. Necessary. I’m a much better person for it.

One girl in particular has been a shining beacon of fight and positivity. If you believe in fate, she is one of those people you know you were meant to bump into as you meander along the pathway of life, solely to get that kick in the backside that you need. I love watching her work out and every effort she makes to be the best possible version of herself. Photographing her was pure joy. I doubt she even realises that every goal she reaches has a wider impact on everyone that comes in contact with her. Little ripples of hope and motivation reach far beyond the doors of the box and last far longer than the 60 mins that we spend together. She has taught me to start loving myself a bit more. I may never be elite but she makes me hold my head high.  Thank you Alina.

We all have our own demons. I watch people’s faces as they dig deep for those last few reps and I know that for a fleeting moment they are elsewhere locked in conflict with their thoughts. My demon comes in the form of a bit fat dose of Bipolar Disorder. Somedays it looms over me, unbearably frightening, suffocating me with its darkness and goads me to give up. But through the sweat and burn, I get to stare it back in the face and fight. Tooth and nail until I can no longer breathe. With every little extra box jump or push up, I give that sucker a powerful left hook to its ugly face. Each time I put on my trainers and make it inside the door of the Box, I teach my kids the invaluable lesson that life will most definitely throw you curve balls, pain and setbacks but we all have it within us to battle back.

Life is precious folks. Hold on tightly.

Find your fix.



For those in Doha wanting a piece of the action. Be warned…it’s addictive!


For those wanting to learn a bit more about BiPolar Disorder




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  • 20th August 2017 - 9:30 am

    Subratha - Wow, That is nice peace.

    And the last line “Be warned…it’s addictive!” is so trueReplyCancel

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