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Info…Souq Photowalk Friday 12th February

****Important Information For Photowalk Friday 12th February*******

Time : 7:30am – 9:30am
Meet point : Top of lift coming from underground Souq car park
Contact number : 33376639

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What should I bring?
1) You will be wandering about for two hours so my advice would be to travel light. Personally I would stick to one camera body and one lens. Most of you will have kit lenses (18-55/18-105) and these are perfectly fine but if you do own a 50mm prime try using that lens. It is perfect for street photography because it is non intrusive, very light, handles low light exceptionally well, gives great scope for varying depths of field and is super sharp. A macro lens is a good choice if you want to capture detail and texture. A little backpack is handy as it allows you to have your hands free to shoot quicker.
2) Make sure your battery is fully charged the night before and pack a spare if you have one.
3) Make sure you have a few formatted memory cards. If you shoot Raw and large your files will be huge and will need a lot of memory but you will have more flexibility in post processing. Jpegs will take less memory space.
4) Have a clean lens cloth (little cloths that come with sunglasses) to get rid of dust on your lens. Don’t rely on your t shirt or you could scratch your lens.
5) Pack a bottle of water and snack to last the two hours as the shops are closed at the Souq at that time. Zatar W Zeit opens for breakfast about 9am. The car park costs approx 5QR.

But I’m only a beginner…
Everyone on the walk will have different levels of knowledge and experience with photography. But that’s the beauty! See it as a collaborative learning experience…share tips, discuss settings and explore different compositions together. I will be on hand to coach you through any scenario and offer advice on how to get the best shot. Compare images. We will be using the Facebook private group to upload some of our post walk shots and invite constructive critique and comments and advice.
If you have basic knowledge of photography make sure you are familiar with the Exposure Triangle. Here are a few links to help you out. DO NOT PANIC if you have never heard of this before.…/…/exposure-triangle-understanding-how……

We will be focusing a lot on composition tomorrow and how to make a compelling image. You can have the fanciest equipment in the world and still take mediocre photos if you can’t compose properly. Below is a link to a video featuring work by Steve McCurry who is a fantastic street photographer. Try to have a look before tomorrow if you are unfamiliar with compositional terms.

Am I allowed take their photo?
There are many photographic opportunities in the Souq. However, as in most cultures, courtesy requires discretion when photographing local residents to ensure they are in agreement with such an action. Always ask for their permission before taking photographs. In general taking photos of local women is completely frowned upon. A big smile and engaging in conversation is a good approach to politely asking if you may take someone’s portrait. The Hamlis (gentlemen at the Souq with the wheelbarrows) make a very interesting subject but they are frequently bombarded with attention from tourist snappers and some may even ask for money. I usually offer to print the image and give it to them the next time I am at the Souq. Don’t be offended if someone refuses. Thank them and move on. You should be proud that you plucked up the courage to ask someone. be particularly cautious when posting images online, especially of children. You could end up in a lot of hot water if you do so without permission and nobody wants a stint in prison!
If any has any questions fire away. I will have a little worksheet of shots to get for tomo. Looking forward to meeting you all.
Lastly and most importantly….HAVE FUN.


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